Scale – Our size enables us to be a long-term business partner across your broad range of needs.  Our global partnership with GfK extends our reach to any market around the world. 

Client Side Background – We believe in the power of client side experience for our researchers.  Our moderators and facilitators have spent significant time on the “other side of the mirror” prior to joining us, so they’re better able to see the big picture and anticipate your needs. 

Depth & Breadth of Experience – We have led thousands of consumer connections in the form of qualitative and quantitative interviews.  We’ve worked across a wide range of product categories and with a wide range of respondents including moms, males, kids, teens, and seniors.

Innovative Capabilities – We provide many breakthrough research tools, including our Virtual View™ Portable Wall (our revolutionary shopper research capability) and Pinpoint Precision Research™ (which leverages the country’s largest household purchase database).

“The entire Illumination Research team is the best in the business. The team delivers extremely reliable results and they are a leader in the industry.”
“The Illumination team showed great responsiveness, agility and on-the-feet thinking.  These are all super and great strengths that we look for in research partners.”
--Procter and Gamble