Pinpoint™ Precision Research is the most efficient and effective way for custom quantitative and qualitative research among consumers with a precise purchase history. Pinpoint leverages our exclusive agreement to use Catalina’s shopper database to recruit specific buyers for both quantitative and qualitative research

  • Recruit buyers based on actual (vs. claimed) purchase data
  • 80 million households in database
  • 2+ years of actual purchase history
  • Filter down to the UPC level
  • Target based on brand, category, or entire market basket purchase data


Pinpoint Applications

Launch Discovery

New Product Launch: Gain deep insights from purchasers of your new product launch earlier than ever before.


The Challenger

Competitive intelligence: Overall purchaser insights or specific insights for competitive launches to further enable response strategy.


Access Ethnicities

Tap into hard to find ethnic groups: unacculturated Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, Indian.


Purchase Profiler

Dig deeper in understanding key consumer purchaser groups: triers, switchers, loyalists, lapsed-users, regimen usage etc.


Generational Gauge

Tap into specific generational groups: Boomers, Teens, Millennials, etc.


“Pinpoint is truly unique in the industry in its ability to uniquely target a segment of consumers based on their ACTUAL purchasing behavior over time.”
--Procter and Gamble Pet Care
“The insights we gained have been invaluable to help us understand how buyers learn about the brand and how the product worked for them. I would definitely use PinPoint research again!”
--Procter and Gamble