Our holistic approach includes a variety of immersion techniques, including face to face and online methodologies. We rely heavily on observation and contextual cues in addition to respondent interviewing to get a full picture of the consumer perspective.

In-person immersion allows you to fully immerse in the consumers’ life by shadowing them in natural environments. Immersions can be in their home, in stores, on the go, or at a party or activity. 

EthnoscapeTM Virtual Ethnography is an online forum where technology is used to see and experience how consumers live and how a product is integrated into their daily lives. You capture rich insights with an unobtrusive view through ongoing discussion and interaction between the Insight Strategists and respondents: via blogging, bulletin board messaging, video/photo diaries, creative online exercises, and more.

These studies can be point in time or longitudinal in nature, observe respondents across time to understand critical changes in behaviors or attitudes throughout the entire cycle of path to purchase, usage, and repurchase.

“As an old-school insights person, I’ve been biased against online qual, but I must say I felt our results and data were satisfyingly rich; and that we have a clear sense on how to proceed.”
“Illumination always over delivers versus expectations and they continue to be one of my most trusted and valued global suppliers.”
--Procter and Gamble