Virtual View™ Portable Wall

Virtual View™  Portable Wall is a revolutionary life-size computer screen that enables in-context store and shelf learning and can travel to almost any location in the world. 

The 4X HD technology and true-to-size scale enables an incredibly realistic shopping environment for qualitative and quantitative testing.

It can be used for a broad range of applications:  packaging, planograms, merchandising, and total store layout.

Virtual View provides many benefits over other shopper research methodologies:

  • Faster
  • More Flexible
  • More Realistic
  • More Representative
  • More Cost Effective

Additional options include:

  • Eye tracking.
  • Activation of a touchscreen to allow respondents to select an item from a shelf, zoom in for a closer look, rotate it to see all sides, and compare it side-by-side to other products.
  • Creation of stimuli in 2D or 3D.

Touch multiple products and compare them side-by-side.

Touch screen activation gives you the ability to pick up products, turn them around or rearrange them.

We can create assets in 2D or 3D, with both front and back package panels.

Navigate in 2D or 3D environments.

Eye Tracking allows you to determine what respondents look at most often, the longest, and in what order.

“Illumination continues to build great new capabilities and facilities, including their own Virtual Wall and Global Mobile Wall capabilities. I would highly recommend them to other teams around the world.”
--Procter and Gamble