Research Design

We pride ourselves on being experts in research design.  Our Insight Strategists can create comprehensive learning plans to address our client’s business objectives.  Sometimes our clients know exactly what methodologies they want to utilize, but often, they look to our expertise to provide research design recommendations.  We’re happy to provide complimentary consultation for any of your projects to help you determine the best approach for your research needs.

We’re able to provide best-in-class research design because we build on our expertise from conducting thousands of research projects.  We utilize a suite of proven qualitative and quantitative techniques and proprietary tools to ensure you are getting the richest results.

“The illumination team is always looking ahead and recommending new techniques, tools and capabilities to help business succeed.”
“Smooth logistics, great design moderating have led to a lot of excitement, influence, and impact on the business.”
--Procter and Gamble