Speed Suite™

Speed Suite™ is our game-changing new portfolio of ON DEMAND research solutions that offers real-time results at a fraction of the cost – and on a GLOBAL scale.

Our breakthrough proprietary process instantly recruits consumers to conduct research at the speed of business.

Why On-Demand?

  • Our clients are working in an increasingly fast paced and resource constrained business environment.
  • Yet they still need to deliver marketing strategies and product innovations that win in market.
  • Methods of getting rich consumer insights must transform to meet the fast timing and tight budgets of today’s business reality.
  • With our on demand research, there’s no more waiting.  You can conduct projects as soon as you are ready, with no lengthy preparation or waiting time.

The Key Benefits of Speed Suite

Fast Timing

Results in as quickly as 1-3 days



Base offerings as low as $5-7K


Qualitative capability

Bullet Board


Quantitative capability

Rapid Read


Qual-Quant Hybrid

Rapid Read – Bullet Board combination


Video Storytelling

Rapid Reels


Global coverage

90+ countries, 16 languages


Targeted recruiting

Includes demographics, purchase behavior, & psychographic segmentation


Experienced researchers

Our highly skilled team leverages years of client side experience 



Can be integrated with our full range of other unique methods & traditional capabilities


Speed Suite™ Portfolio

Online qualitative discussion forums that deliver fast, precise and comprehensive insights within hours.

How it Works

Illumination instantly recruits consumers from the US or around the globe into our Bullet Board® online software where our expert researchers post a series of questions and activities for respondents to complete. Boards typically range in length from 1-3 days and can be set in one-on-one or group discussion mode.  Respondents can evaluate and comment on various types of stimuli, including written concepts, packages, advertising, and websites. Additionally, they can submit their own photos, videos, and written feedback. Click the video link learn more about the platform.

When to Use

Bullet Board® can be leveraged to address almost any qualitative objective, from those that are exploratory in nature to those intended to understand consumer reactions to new ideas and stimuli:

Ethnography / Human Insights  •  Concept development  •  Product usage experience  •  Packaging development  •  Shopping experiences

Mobile App

Incorporate our mobile app into any Bullet Board™ project and gain access to consumers in store, on the go, or wherever they may be.


Quick, cost-effective quantitative research that can deliver results in as little as 3 days.

How it Works

Illumination can quickly recruit a quantitative base size of targeted consumers from the US or around the world to complete a 10-minute online survey.  Respondents can be recruited according to both demographic and psychographic specifications.  The questionnaire consists of a series of key measures such as purchase intent, overall liking, uniqueness, believability, value and 2 open ends (likes and dislikes) for each of the ideas shown.  Depending on incidence, results can be delivered in as quickly as 3 days.

When to Use

Rapid Read™ is frequently leveraged for fast and efficient idea screening.  Examples include:

Concepts  •  Benefit statements  •  Naming  •  Claims  •  Packaging options


The breadth of a quantitative study combined with the depth of qualitative in one comprehensive project.

How it Works

A nationally representative sample of targeted consumers will be invited to participate in a 10 minute Rapid Read survey. Respondents will be asked a series of open and closed ended questions. Following the Rapid Read™ an online qualitative Bullet Board® will be conducted with a subset of the SAME consumers to gain a deeper understanding of each selected group.

When to Use

Our Qual-Quant combination method is leveraged when clients desire statistically validated results AND a deep understanding of the drivers of the data and how the ideas tested can be further improved.  Common uses of Qual-Quant include:

Concept evaluation  •  Claims  •  Packaging  •  Advertising


A qualitative solution that brings consumer insights to life with video storytelling. 

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then video is worth infinitely more.  Seeing your consumers tell their story and give their feedback in the form of short, impactful video clips is a powerful way to enroll and inspire your team and key stakeholders.

How it Works

Consumers are instantly recruited from the US or around the globe based on your target specifications and sent a link to our Rapid Reels™ online platform. There they record 1-minute responses to a series of questions via video – using their smartphone, tablet, or webcam. Videos are sorted by respondent as well as question, making them easily available for viewing on the site dashboard. Illumination then creates compelling video montages or video reports to illustrate key themes.  Clients also have the ability to download video clips to enhance their own documents and presentations.

When to Use

Anytime you need to bring insights to life visually.  Frequent uses include:

Product usage experiences  •  Bringing consumer segments to life  •  Shopping experiences  •  Ethnographies


“I have been using Illumination Research for the past 8 years. They’ve always provide me with the highest quality partnership and techniques and extremely fast and agile turnaround time.”
--Procter and Gamble
“Illumination develops new and innovative approaches, many of which cannot be found anywhere else. They operate under the very highest professional and ethical standards and are a joy to work with.”