Ideation/Facilitation Workshops

With a dynamic blend of creative problem solving and interpersonal skills, our Insight Strategists leverage their leadership skills to turn insights into ideas and action. We implement proven techniques in unique locations that get your team out of the office and inspired in order to foster a productive ideation process – utilizing your internal team and business partners. 

We customize every session to fit your needs, from a stand-alone brainstorming workshop based on existing data, to an Ideation session following consumer research. We also bring in industry thought leaders and creative consumers to co-create with us during the workshops. These engaging sessions will help your team accelerate the discovery of breakthrough ideas.

Examples of some of our ideation workshops include:

  • Concept Writing Workshop
  • Product Prototyping
  • Shopper Strategy Session
  • Insights Application Session
“The ideation session exceeded the teams expectations regarding the depth of summarization that we were able to accomplish. We should be well positioned to take the learning and identify new opportunities.”
--Georgia Pacific
“Without your true passion, I could not have gone from nothing to a fully baked POV. The session, video, and external speaker were all amazing!”
--Georiga Pacific