Our Approach

With our unique 3-step approach, we IMMERSE with your customers, INSPIRE your team to act on the insights, and then help you INNOVATE with new ideas to grow your business.


During the Immerse phase, we design and execute a holistic plan to meet your learning objectives.  This plan may include:

  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • Shopper research
  • Social media
  • Multicultural research

Our comprehensive analyses integrate all of the insights from the various components of the plan. 

Additionally, our capabilities:

  • Include both face-to-face and online methodologies
  • Are global in scope


During the Inspire phase, we create a compelling story through engaging video and written deliverables to inspire your team to take action.

The Inspire phase is all about bringing the insights to life to enable your project team and key stakeholders to internalize and embrace them.  Our deliverables make clear and actionable recommendations that will help move your business forward.

For a specific list of our storytelling deliverables, click here.  


During the Innovate phase, our highly skilled Insight Strategists lead dynamic ideation sessions to help your team create breakthrough ideas to grow your business.  We leverage the insights gained and shared during the Immerse and Inspire phases and help your team ideate using the knowledge.

Our experts develop and lead a 1-2 day plan of creative brainstorming exercises designed to help your team think outside the box and create new product concepts or marketing strategies to win with your customers.