Identifying your target consumer is only the first step in the Segmentation Journey. To truly know your target consumer is to engage with consumers and “walk in their shoes” through deep dive, qualitative research. This deep understanding is what leads to successful product development, communication and marketing.


Consumer Deep Dives 

Ethnographic Research should be designed to fit your objectives as well as your consumers’ lifestyles and comfort levels.   We customize immersive research that helps you find your target consumer and truly understand their motivations and behaviors.  Our style and unconventional approaches put your consumers at ease and allows for deeper learning. Some of our unconvential methods include interacting with consumers in their home and as they shop or virtual techniques such as mobile and social media platforms.  Our aim is to be flexible to the needs of our clients and their customers.

  • Sampling of Approaches include: Consumer Directs, in a large group setting with small break out tables of respondents; In Home Parties; Coffee Talks; Girlfriend Groups and Online/Mobile Communities and Billboards.
  • Sampling of Techniques include: Storytelling, collaging and Virtual Ethnography Videos that uncover customer experience without stepping foot into a consumer’s home or store. and collaging teases out some of the unsaid, unbiased attitudes and behaviors.


Pinpoint Recruit™

Unbeatable Precision Recruiting

Finding and talking to consumers who have used your specific product or display specific purchase behaviors can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Pinpoint Recruit targets on precise behaviors, providing you access to learning from these consumers. Understand the attitudes behind purchase behavior by talking to exclusive consumer groups earlier and faster than other methods available today.

Pinpoint Portfolio of Services/Uses:

  • Launch Discovery – New Product Launch: Gain deep insights from purchasers of your new product launch earlier than ever before.
  • The Challenger – Competitive Intelligence: Overall purchaser insights or specific insights for competitive launches to further enable response strategy.
  • Access Ethnic – Tap into hard to find ethnic groups: unacculturated Hispanics, African American, Asian, and Indian.
  • Purchase Profiler – Dig deeper in understanding key consumer purchaser groups: triers, switchers, loyals, lapsed-users, regimen usage etc.
  • Generational Gauge – Tap into specific generational groups: Boomers, Teens, Millennials, etc.


Cutting Edge Innovation

Virtual View™ Portable In-Store Experience is the first-ever, life-size digital wall that enables in-context store and shelf learning while being portable to almost any location in the world you may need insights from.

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