Pinpoint ™ Precision Research

Unbeatable Precision Research

Finding and talking to consumers who have used your specific product or display specific purchase behaviors can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Pinpoint Precision Research targets on precise behaviors, providing you access to learning from these consumers. Understand the attitudes behind purchase behavior by talking to exclusive consumer groups earlier and faster than other methods available today.

Pinpoint Portfolio of Services/Uses

  • Launch Discovery – New Product Launch: Gain deep insights from purchasers of your new product launch earlier than ever before.
  • The Challenger – Competitive Intelligence: Overall purchaser insights or specific insights for competitive launches to further enable response strategy.
  • Access Ethnic – Tap into hard to find ethnic groups: unacculturated Hispanics, African American, Asian, and Indian.
  • Purchase Profiler – Dig deeper in understanding key consumer purchaser groups: triers, switchers, loyals, lapsed-users, regimen usage etc.
  • Generational Gauge – Tap into specific generational groups: Boomers, Teens, Millennials, etc.