Consulting, Training & Facilitation

Market Research Manager Resourcing

Are you in need of additional capacity on your internal market research team to fill a short-term gap and/or a smaller team? Knowing that many clients have temporary resource gaps in their organization, we can step in and be that stopgap for your resourcing needs by providing consulting services from our high performing team of seasoned marketers.

Our Insight Strategist becomes part of your team, on-site at your office. You get the best of both worlds—a dedicated insights expert without the overhead of a full-time employee. Your new team member will be a thought leader for your organization. They will lead your team through the research journey, develop learning plans built on your business objectives and execute with the best methodologies at their fingertips.

Our Marketing Managers operate in the same way. From product or commercial initiatives to foundational or brand vision work, leverage our expertise as an extension of your core team

Organizational Market Research and Moderation Training

Are you looking to deepen the market research skill set of your internal team? With decades of collective experience across multiple disciplines, businesses, and methodologies, we can help you build organizational capability and capacity via customizable coaching and development plans.

Step 1: Assess

We will come in and assess the current state of you organization’s learning needs. This can range from sitting down with key leaders in your organization to understand objectives and what looks like success, as well as sensing for individuals in your organization either qualitatively or quantitatively.

Step 2: Create

Based on the assessment phase and based on the gaps in learning that need to be filled, Illumination and GfK will do joint plan creation to build a customized development plan based on needs gaps.

Step 3: Train

Illumination will lead the development of all the training materials and facilitate the training sessions.

Step 4: Sustain

With limited resources, daily coaching can be time consuming; this step allows us to continue to coach individuals as they learn to practically apply their new knowledge.


Are you in need of help leading an internal planning session or a workshop with key stakeholders? With the consumer as our beacon, our Insight Strategists will work with you to identify opportunity areas and create dynamic and engaging sessions to accelerate the discovery of breakthrough plans. We customize every session to fit your needs, from a stand-alone brainstorming workshop based on existing data, to an Ideation Debrief built into the consumer research.