Virtual View™

Portable Design, Flexible Solutions, Global Reach 

 Virtual View™  Portable In Store Experience, the first ever portable and life size wall that enables in-context store and shelf learning that can travel to almost any location in the world. 

Virtual View provides:

  • Flexibility: Ability to simultaneously test multiple options or easily modify test stimuli.
  • Speed: Faster results than quantitative research or in-market testing. 
  • Cost Effectiveness: Identify lead test options to test in quantitative research or in-market testing.

Powered via Illumination’s exclusive partnership with BOI Solutions, the same hardware provider that handles virtual technology needs for Fortune 500 companies, Virtual View uniquely offers: 

  • 6 x 11 foot portable screen for life sized, scaled projections 
  • Ability to project high resolution images that are 4x HD and up to 80 PPI
  • Rear projection to eliminate shadows
  • Accommodates 2D and 3D environments for retail and any service or experience.
  • For larger environments, our stackable MicroTile Wall can be configured to accommodate almost any requested height and length.

Additional options include: 

- Mobile eye tracking

- Incorporation of sensory cues (e.g. scent, etc.) as a way to enhance the atmosphere of your virtual shopping experience.

- Activation of the multi-touch feature that allows respondents to select an item from a shelf and get a closer look.  

- Development of 2D or 3D virtual assets