Bringing learning to life

We offer a wide range of customizable deliverables ranging from succinct and actionable written reports to video montages.  Our personal favorite is Quick View™ Collection, the video library, which extracts and organizes the best sound bites to leverage for internal presentations and fast post research reviews for those who could not attend.



Snapshot™ Topline Report: Quickly captures and synthesizes the key points so you and your team can hit the ground running. Averages 1-2 pages in Word.

Compass™ Executive Report: A thorough, yet concise, presentation of findings and key verbatims to support recommendations that address critical business decisions. Averages 3-5 pages in Word (or 10-20 Powerpoint slides).

Summit™ Full Report: Highly detailed report with extensive depth and breadth including iterative concepts and additional verbatims. Average of 10-15 pages or 25-50 Powerpoint slides.


Big Picture Report plus video: Embeds video clips of key findings into a COMPASS Powerpoint report to really bring your research to life. Also includes Quick View Collection.


Spotlight™ Video Briefs: A compelling series of highlight reels illustrating major themes with powerful supporting verbatims and title slides. This deliverable averages 4-5 reels with each reel containing a title card plus approximately 1 minute of video clips.

Mindscape™ Montage: Your research story presented as a visual journey told through the consumers’ words. Averages 10 minutes of integrated video clips and incorporates text as necessary to explain the story.

Quick View™ Collection: An easy-to-use video library of clips from across the study that is organized into folders. Each day of research footage yields 30-60 clips. Can be delivered by itself or is included with every Big Picture report.

Quick Clips™ Video: A few strategically chosen video clips provided as separate files. Averages 5-10 individual clips.