The Illuminators “Expert” Online Community
A Brand New Way to Light Your Path to Discovery


Illumination Research is excited to introduce The Illuminators, an expert panel of talented “professional consumers” to utilize for online and even in-person ideation, consultation and research.  This exclusive group of specialized thinkers provides an ‘expert’ perspective that can be hard to get from traditional consumer research.  These are seasoned professionals like each of you who are creative problem solvers and like to stretch their brains across disciplines based on personal passions.  The magic happens when their insights illuminate a perspective that takes your strategy to the next level. 

Who are the Illuminators?
People like you (or maybe you) who have been working in product research, design, marketing and market research professions for years.   These folks have personal knowledge and passion areas that cut across practical (parenting, finances) and aspirational (technology, travel, fitness) areas.

How does this work?
Illuminators participate as they are interested and available in specific client projects that can occur online or in person.   These projects can include new product ideas and ideation, feedback on potential business ideas or concepts or even research to help you focus on the right next steps for your business. They offer an experienced, sophisticated and seasoned perspective that is hard to find in a typical respondent.

How can I get involved?
We are actively recruiting now as our panel continues to grow.   If you have a passion area and have always wanted to share your thoughts and opinions with others (and you are often screened out of traditional research), please consider being an Illuminator!!!