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Connect with consumers, shoppers, doctors, students, lawyers… virtually anyone wherever they are and whenever they are available. Online research is used to gain more candid information from all types of customers and for all types of research challenges, and it often reveals a deeper insight than leveraging traditional research alone. It is not just for testing online and mobile products and services. You can reach a wider geographic area without extensive business travel and better access to low-incidence and hard to recruit respondents. Our online tools can be used as standalone research or integrated into traditional studies.

EthnoScape™ Virtual Ethnography

Understand the nature of your customers without setting foot in an airport. See your customer use your product or service in their natural environment without the limitations of traditional ethnographies.

Ethnoscape is an online forum where customers invite us into their lives to see and experience how they live as well as how your product is integrated into their daily lives. It allows us to capture the rich insights of in-context usage with an unobtrusive view through ongoing discussion and interaction between the Insight Strategists and respondents via blogging, bulletin board messaging, video/photo diaries, creative online exercises, and more.

These studies can be more point in time or longitudinal in nature, so you can observe respondents across time to understand critical changes in behaviors or attitudes throughout the entire cycle of path to purchase, usage and repurchase.

  • Engaging learning platform enables client and agency teams to really empathize and connect with customers
  • Gain richer, more candid insights to attitudes and needs when and where customers actually use your product
  • Allows respondents more time to elaborate on their feelings and give thoughtful input
  • Provides opportunity longer term engagement that fits into your customer’s schedule to understand critical changes in behaviors or attitudes over time
  • No travel required


WebConnects methodology reveals insight and attitudes that yield the richness of a traditional group with the broader reach and greater candor of the online environment. It’s observing how respondents interact with each other, without having to be together.

Clients can observe from a virtual back room and have behind-the-scenes conversations with the Insight Strategist. Methods include online texting groups and/or webcam groups that allow the client and everyone to see each other via webcam technology.


Online market research communities bring people together for an extended time to focus on multiple topics or projects. Researchers can build the rapport of a private social community to engage respondents at the heart and mind level with a sense of belonging. This is also a powerful tool when used as a co-creation community.


This tool can yield many layers of rich information, comments, and reactions to stimuli for product and concept development. Our Insight Strategists lead the discussion to maintain focus and momentum, while respondents can log in multiple times throughout the study, taking as much time as they want or need to provide thoughtful input.


Harness the energy of real time communication.

Respondents can post reactions, attitudes and insights wherever they are to connect in ways never before possible. These exchanges are valuable as pre-work, follow-up probes or as full studies.


Ever wonder what consumer are thinking or saying about your products or services online?
You may see some conversations from your own search or website, but what does the entire landscape reflect?
Are the online comments more positive or negative?
How does it compare to our competition?

Harness the power of WebSense to assess the web landscape for key consumer comments and testimonials about your product or service.