Research, Recruiting & Moderating

Research Design

Illumination is your go to partner for end-to-end consumer research.  Our people and our approach will ensure you get the insights that drive your business forward.   We bring leadership and consulting experience in designing comprehensive learning plans to address your business objectives.   We utilize a suite of proven qualitative and quantitative techniques and proprietary tools to ensure you are getting the richest results to address all key components of your learning plan. 



Great research starts with great recruiting, and Illumination provides best in class tools to ensure this happens. Our research methods will help you achieve the desire to find intelligent, articulate and representative participants who fit your research needs. Our team of Insight Strategist will ensure we build the best approach for your needs.  They are seasoned marketing and research pro's who know how to connect the client's objectives with the forums that get consumers talking openly and honestly to provide the insights that inform smart business decisions.  Illumination has three main sources for respondent recruiting:

Traditional Methods (Including Online)

Illumination Research uses various traditional recruiting methods such as databases, facility panels, online panels, social media networks, internet recruiting, etc. to find the respondents you need. We ensure that participants comply with your project specifications and that they arrive at the right place at the right time, are fully aware of what is expected of them, and are ready for an active discussion

Pinpoint Recruit™

One of the most precise recruiting techniques available today, Pinpoint Recruit utilizes Catalina’s database of 80 million consumers' purchase patterns at the point of sale. The technique is a breakthrough way to glean fast learnings on new product entrants and/or targeting consumers with specific shopping patterns.

Illuminator Expert Panel

Illumination introduced a panel of talented “professional consumers” to utilize for online and in person research. This exclusive group of specialized thinkers will help you think about things in a new way. They are seasoned professionals who are creative problem solvers who like to stretch their brains across disciplines based on personal passions. (i.e. parenting, travel, financial planning, beauty regimen, etc.) Utilizing members of this panel can help uncover unique and differentiated opportunities for your business.


Our Moderators

We call our moderators Insight Strategists. They go beyond just leading the discussion. They create open environments to get respondents to share their unbiased opinions, then synthesize the insights to help you craft smart marketing strategies. Our Insight Strategists are classically trained in marketing and research capacities at best-in-class places such as Procter & Gamble, American Express, and Johnson & Johnson. They are passionate about understanding the customer and have experience building profitable business strategies. They will be thought leaders on your project by illuminating the implications those insights may have on your project or business.