New Product & Concept Testing

When it comes to innovation and new product development, we guide you through all the steps in the process—from ideation, evaluating new product concepts, testing the new product itself and ensuring introductory packaging and message designs are breakthrough.

New Product Panels

New Product Panel studies allow target consumers to take home and test products over time and report back weekly and/or daily about their experience. We enable consumers to share their words as well as powerful pictures and video of their actual product usage experience. These can be shared in both online and offline research formats. We engage consumers in all of their moments of product usage, to get a holistic and longitudinal view of their experience. We can better understand a new product adoption curve by seeing if, when, and how a consumer’s product experience changes over time.

We help you design and recruit the best panel mix — whether its target consumers, patients, topic experts,  business stakeholders (e.g. physicians, retail partners) or members of our Illuminator experts. These panels are invaluable for clients to utilize as sounding boards for exposing new product and marketing ideas on an ongoing basis.

Concept & Message Testing

We partner with you and your advertising agency as you are developing new concepts for product design and/or communications. We will help you identify the best market research approach for each stage of concept development, recruit the right respondents for research, coordinate all the logistics that go into the research and deliver a comprehensive report post research that helps guide you to the next stage.

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Cutting Edge Innovation

Virtual View™ Portable In-Store Experience is the first-ever, life-size digital wall that enables in-context store and shelf learning while being portable to almost any location in the world you may need insights from.

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