Communications Testing

Illumination has extensive experience testing new advertising, communications, claims statements and package designs. We have found clever ways to mitigate consumer bias that can help you uncover the best approach given your design possibilities.


Winning at the Moment of Truth

Learn when, where and how customers make the decision to purchase your services. Whether it is in person or online, Illumination designs research that helps you develop breakthrough packaging, claims statements, communications and online experience to drive sales.

Package Development

Illumination has cutting edge approaches, including the Virtual View™ Portable In Store Experience that helps you evaluate package design and instore experience to help you win at the moment of truth. We will evaluate:

• Desired Shopping Experience
• Store Layout
• Shelving Strategies and Planograms
• Point of Sale Effectiveness

Digital Delivery Evaluation

We help you in the design and product testing stages of your digital development, to learn what consumers want and how they experience searching for your products online and/or via mobile devices, to identify their needs and pain points in the journey to help you inform the best User Interface experience to drive your business.

The Service Experience

For clients in the service industry, such as the hospitality, financial services and health care industries, we can help you uncover how customers feel about your service experience, what are the moments of truth, what are the pain points and are there new opportunities to create wows for them.

Cutting Edge Innovation

Virtual View™ Portable In-Store Experience is the first-ever, life-size digital wall that enables in-context store and shelf learning while being portable to almost any location in the world you may need insights from.

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