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Our clients come to us with the common goal of better understanding their consumers and customers so they can deliver winning products and services in the marketplace.
We recognize, however, that each client’s business is different, so the approach to get there must be unique.
Illumination Research helps our clients develop and execute customized research plans tailored to their specific business needs.
Research Design
Proper upfront planning ensures the compass is pointed in the right direction. We make sure we have a clear understanding of the research objectives at the start of every project so we can develop a learning plan that gets to the root of your business issues. We help clients establish the best plan for who to talk to (i.e. determining the right respondents) and how best to talk to them (i.e. using the optimal methodologies and techniques).
Research Planning
At Illumination Research, we know the key to great research is in the details, so we strive for flawless execution. From finding the best facility to writing screeners to recruiting the right respondents, we ensure that every detail is taken care of – so our clients don’t have to.
We utilize the most innovative techniques to extract the information our clients need. We also pride ourselves on knowing how and when to ask probing questions to best address our clients’ key concerns. One of the most frequent compliments we receive is that we consistently predict the questions the clients would have asked from the back room.
No research project is complete without putting the learning into action. Our extensive experience on the client side enables us to analyze and report the data in a way that provides clear, actionable recommendations for you and your business partners.
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