Virtual View™ Portable Wall

Virtual View™  Portable Wall is a revolutionary life-size computer screen that enables in-context store and shelf learning and can travel to almost any location in the world. 

The 4X HD technology and true-to-size scale enables an incredibly realistic shopping environment for qualitative and quantitative testing.

It can be used for a broad range of applications:  packaging, planograms, merchandising, and total store layout.

Virtual View provides many benefits over other shopper research methodologies:

  • Faster
  • More Flexible
  • More Realistic
  • More Representative
  • More Cost Effective

Additional options include:

  • Eye tracking.
  • Activation of a touchscreen to allow respondents to select an item from a shelf, zoom in for a closer look, rotate it to see all sides, and compare it side-by-side to other products.
  • Creation of stimuli in 2D or 3D.
“Illumination continues to build great new capabilities and facilities, including their own Virtual Wall and Global Mobile Wall capabilities. I would highly recommend them to other teams around the world.”
--Procter and Gamble