Illumination offers a full spectrum of qualitative research tools including both face-to-face and online methodologies.  We take you inside consumers’ lives to reveal rich insights and attitudes.  

Our face-to-face qualitative methods include: 

  • Focus Groups
  • One-on-one In-depth Interviews (IDIs)
  • In-context research (in-home, in-store, in-business)
  • We leverage observation and environmental cues along with interviewing techniques to reveal a full picture of the consumers’ attitudes and experiences
  • Consumer Connects™
  • Guided by our expert facilitators, clients interact face to face with consumers, who are often assigned to groups according to key recruiting criteria

Our Online Qualitative Methods Include:

  • Ethnoscape™ Virtual Ethnography –  Online studies enable you to get the benefits of in-home or in-context research without the travel. These studies can be conducted over time to get a longitudinal view of consumer usage and attitudes.  Click here for more information on Ethnography capabilities.
  • Online Bulletin Boards   Our insight strategists lead an online discussion with multiple respondents, typically over the course of several days. The use of mobile devices can be added to allow respondents to share any time from anywhere, truly enabling real-time insights. This tool can yield many layers of rich information and reactions to stimuli for product and concept development. 
  • Bullet Board -  An online discussion forum that starts recruiting INSTANTLY and delivers insights within DAYS. Bullet Board is part of our game changing portfolio of on-demand GLOBAL research tools SPEED SUITE.  Click here  for more information on Speed Suite. 
  • Online Focus Groups and IDIs – Online chats connecting respondents and insight strategists in a real-time discussion. They can yield the richness of in-person interviews with the broader reach and greater candor of the online environment.

Get the best of both worlds by integrating face-to-face and online methodologies into our research plans

“Illumination always does a GREAT job on meeting our needs in a quick timing.”
“I truly appreciate all of the dedication, consultation, and engagement from Illumination!  I’ve always had very positive experiences working with Illumination.”
--Procter and Gamble